OCTOBER 11, 12, 2015.  Harmonic Convergence!  Talk about a great opportunity! The WellnessWiz Microbiome Seminar, follows the Systemic Formulas Spring Intensive Training Seminar (2 days) on Female Health.  These two seminars in Ogden, UT, fit hand-in-glove via the Gut/Brain-Gut Hormone Connections! Mastery of pathogens and their direct communication to the brain is Step One of the WellnessWiz “Probiotic Advanced Colonization Technique™ (PACT) and this Microbiome Rejuvenation seminar continues into clinical mastery of microbiome, neurotransmitter, hormone, and immune system rejuvenation with specific clinical techniques that elevates "practice building via clinical results" to new heights of effectiveness!

In Ogden, UT, we have access to state of the art lab facilities and we'll conduct microbiome experiments, in vitro, and visually see the impact of probiotic species upon pathogens.

Ambiance. Here in the foothills between the Great Salt Lake and the Wasach Mountains (Rocky Mountains), the Hilton Garden Inn--is right in the middle of Utah skiing and night life (Yes, Ogden does have some fun nightlife!).  Relaxed, Casual, Family atmosphere. The Hilton Garden Inn is two short blocks from the Systemic Intensive venue at the Marriott Courtyard. 

Dr. Shaye Morris, Microbiologist, Cellular Biologist, Herbalomic™ expert and cutting edge product designer.

WellnessWiz Jack Tips is a perennial favorite at the Systemic Intensive Trainings and Webcast presentations. In working with him, I find that he always brings added value to his talks and provides relevant information for immediate implementation in clinical practice. He is a refreshing speaker and delivers cutting-edge insights that are well-founded in research studies. Jack helps shape the Natural Health Field’s success by teaching genuine solutions.
— Dr. Shayne Morris

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Shayne Morris, Researcher, Formulator, Biochemist, Cellular Biologist, Founder of revolutionary EcoPhage formulas.

Dr. Morris is a gem in the natural health arena and has developed the most revolutionary healing formulas (nutritional supplements) of the 21st Century. As an herbalomic™ expert—he studies how herbs impact cellular metabolic processes through epigenetic expression. Dr. Morris elevates the practice of supplementation for genuine clinical results to new standards of purity, efficacy, and quality. He has developed some of the most effective microbiome-rejuvenative and leaky-gut solutions available today. Further, he’s a brilliant speaker.
— Jack Tips, PhD., C.C.N.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 247 24th St., Ogden, UT 84401. Phone: 801-627-1190

Dates: October 11 & 12, (That's Sunday & Monday) after WellnessWiz Jack Tips speaks at the Systemic Intensive Training Seminar on PMS [Dragons Into Unicorns] Separating the Myth From The Reality, and of course it features how the Gut Microbiota are a primary cause of PMS and thus a primary solution!  

Time:  Sunday Session starts: 9:00a., ends at 5:30p.
           Monday Session starts: 9:00a., ends at 3:30p. (You'll be able to book a flight home to depart after 4:50p from SLC.)

WellnessWizdom Room Rate: $99 - $119.

Seminar Fee Schedule:
• Early Bird Special: $399 for everyone until September 30, 2015 and/or in conjunction with the Systemic's Intensive Seminar
• After September 30:  $497
• Door Registration:  $497
• Graduates of the five prior WellnessWizdom PACT Microbiome Seminars to repeat: $197

• Extensive Desk Ref ($299 value), Microbiome Book, Your Personal Dysbiosis Test ($35 value), Master Strategy worksheet to use in your clinic.
• Organic Coffee, Tea, Beverages served all day

CEU’s: N/A: This session will focus on specific products that deliver clinical results.

More Info: Phone 512.328.3996
[For Info on the Systemic Intensive Training “Female Health” phone 800-445-4647.]